The Spinella Law Group is particularly equipped to provide affordable, high-quality services to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals, and to deliver expert legal guidance whenever needed. We will be true partners to you and your business, with the legal expertise to guide and assist you wherever your business takes you.

Founded by an entrepreneur, we built this firm to help our clients grow. For many of them, we have been there right from the beginning: assisting and guiding them, helping them grow into thriving, vibrant businesses. We also represent established clients who have used our services at pivotal points in their operations. While we assist them in achieving further growth, we focus on helping them attain structured and sustainable growth over the long term. In each engagement, we approach our clients through the eyes of a businessperson, breaking through the traditional barrier of the attorney/business relationship and broadening the scale and scope of our guidance.

We will help you minimize your business risk through a number of services, including:

– Business formation and initiation – starting your business off on the right foot

– Creating, improving, and implementing company policies and procedures

– Providing human resources, compliance, and regulatory counseling

– Handling mergers, acquisitions, business reorganizations and divorces

– Reviewing contracts, licenses, and other agreements

– Litigating disputes and bringing cases to trial

Many companies see their lawyer only as a deal breaker, or perhaps a pessimist who aims to stunt the growth of the company in the interests of safety. We, on the other hand, take an entrepreneurial approach and apply a business-focused mindset to each and every problem. This allows us to appreciate the unique circumstances and benefits of any particular transaction or issue, to weigh the risks, and to craft an approach that maximizes gains and lessens risk to an acceptable level. Of course, where the risks outweigh the benefits and cannot be minimized, we advise our clients appropriately with the goal of achieving the most advantageous – and profitable – outcome.